Fennel cucumber soup
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Fennel cucumber soup
I ate a similar soup in Soup en Zo in Amsterdam, but I didn’t dare to ask how do they make it. Anyway, I decided to experiment a bit at home and this is what I came up with: a vegan soup with fennel and cucumber. It is light and refreshing. Try to cook it for your children, since they rather like delicate and more neutral flavors. I find this soup perfect for an early spring time, when the seasonal fruit and vegetables still haven’t appear on the market.



1 fennel
2 carrots
1 parsnip
1 white onion
5 tbsp millet
2 big cucumbers
1/2 lemon
black pepper
3 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp fennel seeds

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Wash the fennel, carrots, parsnip and onion. Cut off the green upper part of fennel and peel all the other vegetables. Then cut them into big irregular pieces. Place them in a pot with approximately 1 liter of cold water and cook for 30 minutes. In the meantime wash and peel the cucumbers. Cut them into big pieces.

Now take the carrots and parsnip out of the pot and place them aside. You won’t need them anymore. Add to the pot the cucumbers, lemon juice, fennel seeds and 5 spoons of millet. Cook the soup 30 minutes more. When ready, blend the soup and season it with some salt and pepper. Add some water, if the soup is too thick. Then sprinkle it with olive oil and mix gently. It’s ready!

Serve it warm with some fennel seeds on top or with small pieces of cooked chicken breast.