Michael's birthday cake
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Michael's birthday cake
Do you have your birthday in the summer time? If so, this cake will be perfect for a garden party. Just remember that it’s kind of big, so invite more friends! Otherwise you will have to eat it alone…



1 cup strawberry marmolade
mixture: 150ml warm water + 50ml amaretto
fresh mint leaves
150g strawberries
1 small jar pistachio paste
400g mascarpone
2 tbsp honey
dark sponge cake
150g good quality flour
150g sugar
4 eggs (room temperature)
4 tbsp water
4tbsp carob
white sponge cake
175g good quality flour
175g sugar
5 eggs (room temperature)
5 tbsp water
1tsp vanilla powder

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Bake two sponge cakes (one by one). Propotions are a bit different but the whole process of preparation is exactly the same:

Grind the egg yolks with sugar in a big bowl till the mixture is almost white. Then sift the flour through a sieve and join it all together, adding in the meantime mentioned amount of water and other ingredients. Now beat the egg whites till they white and stiff. Add them to the dough and mix it all gently.

Place the dough in a cake tin (diameter 26cm) on a piece of baking paper and bake around 40min. (temperature 180°C). Allow the ready sponge cake to cool down and cut it horizintally into two parts.

Make a mixture of warm water and amaretto. Pour it gently onto all four pieces of sponge cake (it will make them softer and they won’t be so dry).

To make the pistachio cream place all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them together well.

Now place the bottom white part of the sponge cake on a big plate or in a cake tin. Cover it with pistachio cream and place one of the dark sponge cake layers on it. Before placing another dark layer on the top, cover the previous one with strawberry marmolade. Then use pistachio cream again. At the end cover the cake with the white sponge cake layer. To decorate the cake use a bit of pistachio cream, fresh strawberries cut into pieces and mint leaves.

Serve it with light drinks or a glass of fine sweet cider.